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The Jazzmen’s Casanova Burger (2/3 lb)


Sweeney’s Twisted Chicken Philly

Featured Sandwich

Sweeney’s Twisted Chicken Philly*
An Italian seasoned chicken philly topped with pickled peppers, melted Provolone cheese and spicy cappicola ham.  It’s  served on a hoagie roll with our special sauce and a side dill pickle spear!

Featured Burger

“The Jazzmen’s Casanova Burger*
A handpattied burger topped with sautéed mushrooms, pickled peppers, Provolone cheese, and cappicola spicy ham. It’s served on a kaiser bun with our special sauce and a side dill pickle spear.


We’re not raising grass!

Fathersday#FathersDay…Baseball legend Harmon Killebrew once said, “My father used to play with my brother and me in the yard. Mother would come out and say, You’re tearing up the grass. We’re not raising grass,” Dad would reply. We’re raising boys.”

Each day, father’s around the world are “playing ball” with their kids. They are working hard at the game of life to solve the problems in the next at bat for their families. Some of these home runs are not noticed until you are older and wiser, and some you will noticed almost immediately. The truth is that the effects of being a father can be most profound and one doesn’t even realize it. On this Father’s Day, we salute all the Father’s that are out there for all the things that you have done for your families.


NOTE: We are CLOSED ON FATHER’S DAY so the Pit Crew can be with their fathers and families. We will reopen on Monday as normally scheduled. Thank you for your patience.

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KirbyGs 2016 Menu

Audrey’s Breakfast Burger

“Birds Anonymous” Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Van Pelt’s Veggie Sandwich

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Ashlea Knight and Paige Akins smiling for the cameras at the 2013 World Food Championships.

Good Golly, Miss Molly!  Did I read that email right?  The World Food Championships?!

I stared at the screen again.  I could hardly believe my eyes.  KirbyG’s® Diner, our small fifties diner, had just received an exclusive invitation to compete in the World Burger Championship in Las Vegas.  I quickly phoned my wife Erica, who started the family diner.  I can still hear the shock when I said, “Honey, you are not going to believe this! We’ve just received an exclusive invitation to the World Food Championships in Las Vegas!”  The stunned silence on the other end of the phone was deafening.

Marilyn Monroe once said, “This life is what you make it. No matter what, you’re going to mess up sometimes, it’s a universal truth. But the good part is, you get to decide how you’re going to mess it up.”  Marilyn really wasn’t kidding!  We were staring at the opportunity of a lifetime, yet it came with the potential to be a huge mess.


Once you receive an invitation, you literally play The Clash’s song over and over in your head — “Should I stay or should I go?” There are lots of considerations. The competition comes with extra planning and unexpected costs that can squeeze your budgets.  You face extra payroll expenses for your team and, of course, the travel costs to Sin City. You have to ensure that you have the right equipment on hand: answering the important questions on shipping goods and securing the ingredients needed for your recipe.  Finally and most importantly, you have to face the elephant of all fears: falling flat on your face.

Erica and I certainly were familiar with facing big challenges.  We had been swimming in the deep end ever since we opened in April 2008.  Our little fifties diner miraculously survived the 2008 financial crash thanks to family, friends, and fans.  I’d like to think that “Lady Luck” played a role as well.  When we built the diner, we dug up the 1922 floors to make room for new plumbing. During the process, we found several horseshoes buried beneath the floors.  Not wanting to buck tradition, we took those horseshoes and hung them up inside one of the kitchen walls.  Now, thinking back, I have to wonder if Lady Luck wasn’t looking out for us.  Not only did we survive the second-worst financial collapse in U.S. history, but we garnered a Top Five Burger nomination and won two Best Burger Awards for metro Atlanta.

Then, we were blessed with another titanic challenge — the World Food Championships.

Participating at the World Food Championships is an honor that comes with huge rewards.  You must win somewhere, be it a publication award or a live-event contest, in order to receive an invitation.  Besides the $10,000 purse for winning your category, you get the chance to compete for big bucks against each category winner at the Chef’s Table.  Winning this round delivers the heavyweight title of World Food Champion and the sweet accolades of knowing you beat some of the world’s best cooks.  If you are going to mess up in life, the World Food Championships is one event that is worth the risk.  The real question is not, “Should I go?”  It’s really, “What am I hoping to achieve?”


Like the rest of the burger champs from across America, our most coveted goal was winning the “Hunka Burnin’ Love” award.  So, with the decision made to attend, we began to identify and conquer all the obstacles that can prevent you from winning the World Burger Championship.  But, we were also pragmatic.  We are a small diner with no professional chefs, no competitions under our belt, and little knowledge of cooking outside the confines of our tiny kitchen.  So, Erica and I felt that our secondary goal was to become a better diner.  We wanted to become sponges and soak up as much knowledge as possible.  We felt it was important to include our staff and for everyone to have fun.  It had been a long and arduous process of opening and creating a successful restaurant.

Looking back at our goals, the fun part was really easy to measure.  It’s Sin City. You are literally thrust into the Fremont Street Experience when you participate in the World Food Championships.  If you can’t have fun in Las Vegas, something is wrong.  There is literally something to do at all hours of the day and every day of the week.

Our other goals were a different matter.  Dr. Seuss once said, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”   We did not win the World Burger Championship when we competed in Vegas, but we most certainly are smiling.  The World Food Championships absolutely drove our desire to become a better diner.  We began to pay more attention to the quality of our products and how they were put on a plate.  We learned to step out of our comfort zone and think outside the box.  We started Taste Test Tuesday to stir up creativity in our staff.  Each Tuesday, everyone is involved in creating new recipes and burger ideas.  We also ask fans to taste test our creations and give us feedback.  Six months later, Taste Test Tuesday is a permanent part of our culture.  Suddenly, we have gone from chasing the perfection of a World Burger Championship to pursuing excellence every day, with every customer, and with every burger … just as the legendary Vince Lombardi pushed his players achieve perfection every snap, in every quarter of every game played.

To read our guest blog for the World Food Championships, please click here:

Vegas Or Bust!

APRIL 2013

KirbyG's Gets Invited to the 2013 World Food Championships | World Burger Competition

KirbyG’s Gets Invited to the 2013 World Food Championships | World Burger Competition

VEGAS OR BUST! The bags are packed & we’re cruisin’ to the World Food Championships in Las Vegas. The Pit Crew has graciously accepted an invitation to compete in the World Burger Competition in Las Vegas, NV on Nov. 7th-10th! Be sure you tune in each week as Atlanta’s Best Burger place test drives NEW creations in preparation for “KirbyG’s Goes to Vegas!”

About KirbyG’s Diner & Pub
2013 World Food Championships | World Burger Competition (Nov 7-10th)
2013 Best of the Big A | Best Burger in Atlanta (;
2012* Best of the Big A | Best Burger in Atlanta (;
2008 Top 5 Burger Place on Southside I-285 (;

*KirbyG’s is the newly trademarked name for the Stockstill Group, LLC. The new name was chosen in honor of Dr. R.Kirby Godsey, the former President of Mercer University. The 2012 Best Burger award was won prior to trademarking our new name. However, we are still the same owners, managers and staff.

45 Macon St · McDonough, GA
Twitter: KirbyG’s Diner

About the World Food Championships
The World Food Championships and the World Food logo are a production of Trybe Targeting. © Copyright 2013 • World Food Championships. All Rights Reserved.


All Good Things Must Come To An End


Photo: R. Kirby Godsey standing in front of the newly renamed diner, KirbyG's

Photo: R. Kirby Godsey standing in front of the newly renamed diner, KirbyG’s

ONWARD AND UPWARD – “All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.” ~ Walt Disney

Our family owned diner has been a blessing in disguise for my wife and me. Although we have shed many tears when times were hard, we have laughed many laughs in the best little 50’s diner in metro Atlanta. We have met some truly great people, and we have also made friends for life.

Unquestionably, the economy has been tough since we opened in 2008. In fact, I can remember a day when there was only one server, one cook, and the two of us. We had one table that night, and we thought there was no way we would make it. But we have managed to survive, and it’s simply because of “The Pit Crew” and you, our fans. Your continued support and feedback has kept the wheels on the “Old 57,” and we truly want to thank you.

Now, we have come to a crossroads with the diner that you voted as the 2012 Best Burger Place in Atlanta ( Where do we go from here? After much discussion, Erica and I have decided that it’s time for a change. We started out with a simple dream to open a small restaurant, and now we have grown well beyond our expectations.

As we finish our fifth year of existence, we are excited to tell you that we are renaming the diner to facilitate growth and move into new markets. While Chevy’s Diner has served us well, we cannot trademark and license the name because there are numerous restaurants named “Chevy’s” in America. So, it is with great honor that Erica & I announce to our fans that we have officially trademarked a new name…KirbyG’s!

We have chosen the name KirbyG’s in honor of Dr. R. Kirby Godsey (photo above). Dr. Godsey is the former president of Mercer University, and he is a partner in our family owned restaurant. Some of you may recognize him for the Kirby Kraut Dog or by his photos that have been hanging in the front of the diner. He also happens to be a mentor, father, grandfather, and father-in law for those of us at Chevy’s Diner.

It is through his guidance, patience and financial support that we are in existence today. He believed in us during the Financial Crash of 2008, and he is one of the reasons we have continued to grow during this slow economy. We are honored to change our DBA name to KirbyG’s, and we hope that you will join us in honoring him in the years to come.


Neil and Erica