Looking ‪#‎DONATIONS‬?? Need help ‪#‎fundraising‬ for your little league program? Then, ‪#‎BeCreative‬ and submit your entry into our Adopt-A-Scarecrow program! KirbyG’s is hosting an Adopt-A-Scarecrow program designed to help non-profits, ‪#‎schools‬ and charitiable organizations raise funds. Here is a little bit on how our Adopt-A-Scarecrow program works:

• If the selected Adopt-A-Scarecrow(s) wins any of contest awards in McDonough’s Annual Scarecrow Contest , KirbyG’s will match the dollar amount won. For example, if the scarecrow wins “Best in Show (a $500 value), the school or charitable organization will receive the $500 prize money plus a matching donation of $500 from KirbyG’s Diner.

• And, to make sure everyone doesn’t go home empty handed, KirbyG’s Diner will donate another $500 to each school or charitable organization even it their Adopt-A-Scarecrow doesn’t win.

• So, the minimum amount a charitable organization or school would take home is $500. The maximum amount is $1,500 if you win the annual scarecrow contest.

Lastly, we will provide a maximum design budget of $75 for each of the selected Adopt-A-Scarecrows. KirbyG’s Diner will also pay the entry fees and be responsible for any entry forms for the selected Adopt-A-Scarecrows. The entry will be registered in the name of the school, charity, or KirbyG’s Diner.

So, head over to the diner and pick up the full details of our Adopt-A-Scarecrow program! ‪#‎WhatAreYouWaiting4‬